Where The Wild Horses Are

Spring in North Carolina. I had no idea what to expect when I booked a trip to New Bern to visit a friend I met in New Zealand last year. It was one of these trips where you get a chance to go you just book it without doing too much research. After all, I was going to stay at a friends house and he knows his way around. 

Turns out, spring in North Carolina is warm and sunny but can also be quite gray and cold. I got a mixture of both during my time here. Luckily we got a stretch of three sunny days this week so we were able to head out for some camping and kayaking on Shackleford Island which is about a 90 minutes paddle from Beaufort, NC. Going there midweek turned out to be a real winner: no people around, the beach just to ourselves and we spotted quite a few wild horses roaming the island. Actually, we scared a bunch of them one night when we came back from our beach campfire to our tent. Don't know who was more surprised, them or we. :)

wild horses on Shackleford
view of Cape Lookout
kayaking back from the island

PS: Turns out, March is also the main college basketball season in the states. I don't think I've ever watched that much basketball in my whole life... ;) A good game goes well with a pint of good beer though!


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