A Visit to Monserrate

Sometimes it's worth it to be friendly but stubborn with airline employees. Especially, when you're looking for a small favor...

On our way to Europe this summer, we tried to rebook one of our flights (traveling with the whole family) but were dumbfounded by the cost. About 1500$ is just way over our budget for a change of flight. Thank God the lady from customer service at Bogota Airport was in a good mood and recommended, we renounce on our flight voluntarily so she can reschedule all of us on one flight the next day. Plus, the airline was going to pay our hotel for the night.

Obviously, we jumped at the offer and enjoyed a good nights rest in the hotel. We also took a short trip to the Monserrate funicular. The weather was a bit rough up on the mountain but we nonetheless enjoyed our short visit to this iconic mountain of Bogota. If you have just one day in Bogota this is definitely a good option!

View of Bogota from Monserrate


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