Las Cabañitas de Gocta

The days of my solo traveling adventure are over - at least for a while. I've settled with my family in the beautiful north of Peru and will be exploring the region over the next few months and years. Obviously, with plenty of destinations lacking the check mark, I will travel again but this time with husband and son. We already have some ideas for trips in South America but are lacking time and funds at the moment.

That said, I probably won't be updating this blog as much in the future. However, we've started a bilingual blog (Spanish/English) about the Amazonas region here in the north of Peru. If you're interested in learning about our life here and the different activities and touristic destination, you're more than welcome to have a look.

You'll find the blog here: Las Cabañitas de Gocta (lit. means "Gocta Huts", named after the famous waterfalls). See you there!


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