Stuck in Jasper

One of the big advantages of solo traveling is that you can move from place to place at your own pace. And if you really like a place you can stick around for as long as you want to. When I came to Jasper last Thursday I didn't think I was going to stay more than one or two nights. Now, 9 days later I'm still here. :) And I have good reason to be...

The town of Jasper is in the middle of Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains with plenty of options for outdoors activities. I spent a couple of days hiking around the park doing Whistlers Mountain, Wilcox Pass, Cavell Meadows, Sulphur Ridge and some other trails.

I made friends with some pretty awesome people from here who took me for a rafting trip and invited me over for bonfires and other fun stuff. I even went to a NHL Alumni hockey game in town... :) All in all a pretty sweet experience - but pictures will tell you more than words.

view of Jasper from top of Whistlers 
on top of Whistlers
Mt. Edith Cavell
Marmot at Cavell Meadows
enjoying the first snow of the year at Wilcox Pass
snowman love
snow covered Tangle Falls
making some tea on Wilcox Pass trail 
trailblazing on Wilcox Pass
Sulphur Skyline
Sulphur Skyline


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