Exploring Tofino

There's something about bears that we as Swiss don't really understand. I mean, every now and then a bear will stroll into Switzerland and it's BIG news. We even name our bears - something that would simply be impossible here in Canada. Here in Canada bears are old news (unless they had to be killed because they grew accustomed to humans or actually attacked someone which almost never happens).

I have asked myself questions like these in the last few days:
  • Are they dangerous? 
  • How can you protect yourself against bears? 
  • What are the safety rules while camping? 
  • What are the chances that I'll run into a bear?

and I've received some insights from locals. The main thing is to always be alert and look ahead while hiking. Also, store food safely (e.g. in a food locker or hang it up) but that only matters for multi-day hikes and didn't concern me. I have yet to actually meet a bear (an opportunity which I will gladly pass). I did come across quite fresh bear droppings (purple ones because of the berries they eat) and I did hear bears rummage in the woods at night. Other than that, nada!

Anyway, I obviously don't have a picture of a bear for you. I also don't have many pictures to share from this last week. The reason for that is simple: I spent most of last week kayaking on Quadra Island and surfing in Tofino. Both activities for which you're mostly in or on water which in turn is not exactly favorable for a camera.

Okay, I might have one for you after all: a beautiful Tofino sunset. :)

sunset in Tofino


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