The Benefits of a Good Backpack

When I bought a backpack to go traveling in New Zealand last year i didn't put too much effort into researching brands. I trusted the saleswoman and chose a comfortable 55+15 liter pack. It did a great job while hiking around NZ which is why I opted for a Deuter backpack again when I bought a new day pack. Little did I know then that this spur of the moment birthday-gift-to-myself purchase would be the beginning of a great weekend in Colorado.

After leaving Canada I spent a few days in Chicago with good friends, catching up on work hours and stocking up on gear. The national parks in the US were closed due to the government shutdown (booh!) and I wasn't sure where to head to next. Options for a language school in Guatemala or a sailing trip down to the Bahamas came up but didn't feel right. So I opted for what I love most: mountains. I know, I know, I've been telling everyone at home that my plan is to travel the world with summer and to avoid cold weather at all cost BUT life doesn't always work out as planned. :) So, after a great time in the Canadian Rockies I decided to try my luck with their American counterpart in Colorado, especially since the US government finally got around to reopening the national parks!

I flew into Denver last Friday afternoon and was waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to the car rental place when this girl noticed my backpacks and starts talking to me:

"Nice pack. Are you starting a long trip or finishing it?"
"Actually, I'm right in the middle of it!"

That was the beginning of a crazy/fun weekend with her and her friends that included visiting a whiskey brewery, outdoor rock climbing, visiting two beer breweries, indoor rock climbing, hiking and lots of good food. I'm so glad I bought those backpacks - they totally introduced me to a bunch of cool people!

rock climbing at Clear Creek
Lost Lake near Nederland


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