Good for you

I'm leaving Canada. Other than a ton of good memories and a few good new friends I'm also taking two Canadian expressions/words with me:
  1. I remember sitting at a bonfire when the guy next to me tells me "nice tuque" and I thought "nice what?!". Honestly, it reminded "toches" (which is the Yiddish word for buttocks) and I was really confused until the guy actually pointed at my cap and repeated "nice tuque". Aha! Nice cap not nice bum. :)
  2. An expression Canadians seem to love is the phrase "good for you!". They probably really mean it when they say it but to European ears it doesn't sound like an honest compliment. Good for YOUUUU... 
I last hiked in Waterton Lakes National Park just across the border from the US Glacier National Park (which is currently closed due to the budget mess of the US government) and now am looking forward to seeing good friends in Chicago.

Waterton Lakes


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