Bryce and Zion

One of the best compliments I've ever gotten was while hiking in Bryce Canyon with an older couple from Oregon who I became friends with and another couple from BC who joined us along the trail. They told me they were inspired by what I'm doing. I mean, it is not everyday a bunch of 60 year old travelers tells you that!

Sometimes I forget that being able to travel as freely as I do is still quite unique (even if modern technology allows more and more people to do likewise) and it's good to have those moments when you're reminded of how lucky you are. And if my lifestyle is an inspiration - even better!
I want to add that I feel equally inspired by older people who still go out in search of new adventures and want to explore new places! Plus they've got a ton of interesting experiences to share so if you ever get the chance to travel with older people - do it!

The last week I spent exploring national parks in Utah. I actually managed to hit five of them in one week: Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park. Despite being relatively close to each other, these national parks are very different one from the other. Arches and Bryce Canyon have more interesting rock formations whereas Canyonlands and Zion impress with their massive cliffs and stone walls.

Personally, I loved hiking the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon but was simply blown away by Zion. I've never seen anything quite like the majestic red stone walls that enclose Zion Canyon and the views from the canyon rim. Stunning!

hiking between the hoodos - Bryce Canyon
with my friends Dave & Linda - Bryce Canyon
more hoodos - Bryce Canyon
snow covered hoodos - Bryce Canyon 
view from the rim - Bryce Canyon
view from Angels Landing - Zion
on top of Angels Landing - Zion
read the sign!!! - Zion
sunset from Canyon Outlook - Zion 
bighorn sheep - Zion
view of Zion Canyon from Observation Point - Zion
taking in the view - Zion
with Dave - Zion
at the edge - Zion
inside a slot canyon - Zion


  1. Wow! Great pictures and what a joy to share exploring Bryce and Zion with you (but I almost kept hold of that fine camera!) We look forward to showing you around Bend. - Dave


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