Rocking Beautiful Moab

A good friend of mine told me to come to Moab because it is a great place for outdoorsy people. He was 100% right. I mean, I've been here for over a week now and there is still so much to explore and see around here...

Hiking - There are two National Parks right next to Moab: Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park plus a ton of State Parks and Recreation Sites. I've already spent several days hiking the various places - sometimes with friends I've made along the way and sometimes on my own.
Arches National Park
having fun at Arches
on top of Double-O-Arch
stone cairns in Arches
sunset over Delicate Arch
Canyonlands National Park
Canyonlands lookout 
sunset at Canyonlands
Fisher Towers
seeing the world upside down

Kayaking - I went out for a play on the Colorado River which passes a few miles north of Moab. The water was cold but we had wetsuits and booties and enjoyed the paddle down the calm river. The few rapids were also fun.

my rental made a great kayak shuttle
scenic breaky on the Colorado river 
beautiful day out
enjoying the calm ride
all set to go

Mountain Biking - Moab is home to one of world's most famous mountain biking trails: the Slickrock Trail. However, since my friend and I both weren't sure about our biking skills we decided to opt for two other biking trails - some also on slick rock but more on the intermediate skill level.
my rental also made a good bike shuttle 
riding in the desert - fun!
Rock Climbing - there is a ton of crack climbing near Indian Creek. However, I'm laboring on a tendon injury or tendonitis and had to take a break... not that I could do any crack climbing. Still learning the "normal" alpine style... :)


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