Pacasmayo - Quiet Coastal Town

Pacasmayo Promenade
If you're looking for bars and fun and tons of travelers to hang out with, then you better head to Mancora or Huanchaco. You'll probably get bored by the quiet and un-eventfulness of Pacasmayo. However, if you're in need of time to yourself and some peace and quiet to recharge your battiers you're just right in Pacasmayo.

The small coastal town with just over 40'000 inhabitants features a picturesque oceanside promenade with great views of the fishing boats and the old pier of Pacasmayo. There are several hotels along the ocean front and restaurants to eat fresh fish and - of course - ceviche. 

I've stayed at Hotel La Estación and enjoyed the views of the ocean from the balcony of our (although tiny) suite. It's an old but well-kept colonial building and fits right into the atmosphere. It might not be the cheapest option in town but when you order dinner to your balcony (a large balcony with sofa!) you'll agree that it was money well spent. Besides, you should remember that in Peru nothing is set in stone - you can always bargain prices!

Pacasmayo Fishing Boats
Pacasmayo Pier
In the morning, after breakfast with ocean view, you can stroll along the promenade, watch the fishermen (if you're up early enough), buy fresh fish or local handicrafts (although mostly bought and not made there). Sadly, the pier was partly destroyed by high waves in 2015.

Btw, about one hour south of Pacasmayo you'll find one of the worlds longest waves for surfing in Chicama.


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